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Farming Operation

  • Planting, Spraying, Silage Harvest, Manure Application

  • Crops include corn, alfalfa, grass hay, rye, wheat and soybeans

  • All crops are used in feed rations for cows


Chopping and Planting

  • May-July is spring harvest – rye and alfalfa

    • Plant corn for silage

    • Bale alfalfa and grass hay

  • August-November is fall harvest – corn silage

    • Fields drilled back to rye

    • Manure application

Cow Feed

  • Silage/Haylage

    • Feed is dumped onto ground piles

    • Packed tightly with large tractors

    • Covered with tarps to keep air and moisture out so it can ferment into feed

  • Alfalfa 1st cutting is swathed and chopped into haylage

    • 2nd cutting is baled into large square or round bales

    • Consecutive cuttings are swathed and baled every 24-30 days. 4-5 cuttings of alfalfa are typical through summer months

  • Prairie hay is swathed late summer and baled to be used as feed

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