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composting facility
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Composting Facility



  • Prairieland Gold is a composting facility which combines dairy manure with other organic products and removes the TSS (Total Suspended Solids) from the slurry for composting, thus cleaning the water for reuse in the dairy or safe reintroduction to the environment through land application.


Products used

  • Dairy Manure

  • Pet Food (wet and dry)

  • Lincoln Public Schools Lunch program waste

  • Any organic waste from local facilities



  • The liquid manure from the dairy is mixed with de-packaged organics and ran over a two-screen system to remove solids.

  • The primary screen removes the larger particles, is pressed to remove excess water, and then removed to the composting pad for composting.

  • The water is then sent to a secondary screen, receives polymers to enhance clumping of solids, and the solids are removed for composting.

  • The remaining water is then sent to the dairy barn for use in flushing the barns or land applied as a crop nutrient.

  • The extracted solids go to the composting pad; are stacked in rows and mixed with a compost turner.

  • Rows are monitored for moisture, temperature, and CO2 daily to ensure a healthy environment for the microbes to live and break down the organic solids into an odorless natural fertilizer for use in agriculture, landscaping, and gardening.

  • It is a 12-to-16-week process.

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