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robotic dairy
State Line Dairy Logo

24/7 Robot Dairy Operation

  • Herd number is around 600

  • We utilize Lely robots

  • Cows enter the robots to be milked at their will or choosing

  • We produce 50,000 pounds or 5,800 gallons per day


  • 1 ration made up of a combination of corn or corn silage and different varieties of hay, plant-based proteins and vitamins and minerals

  • Cows are fed once per day which will last them 24 hours


Cow Comfort

  • Cows live in free stall barns that are climate controlled to ensure maximum comfort

  • Cows lay on green bedding (screw pressed manure solids)

  • Cows are free to roam about, eat, drink, sleep and chat with their other cow friends

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